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Edge Conditioning is a unique athlete training initiative, which has been designed by individuals with expertise and experience in sport rehab and injury prevention as well as athletics, competitive sports, coaching, instruction and training. Edge Conditioning emphasizes training smarter not harder, by learning and maximizing efficient athletic movement patterns.


Edge Conditioning aims to give participants the tools necessary to be a more successful athlete and a healthier individual. It teaches skills such as team-work, discipline, commitment, work ethic and respect that reach far beyond any athletic playing surface. These skills last a lifetime.

Just as Edge pushes its athletes to reach farther and work harder to achieve their potential, it too pushes its instructors. In order to equip athletes with the necessary skills, instructors need to strive to learn and understand the most current training methods, ones that are grounded in sports medical science rather than those grounded in tradition without the support of scientific research. We invest in our instructors and encourage them to continue education at a post-graduate level.

Finally, just as sport should be fun, so should training. Edge strives to create a safe and fun environment, one in which all participants feel comfortable to try new things and eventually master them. It is this positive learning environment that allows participants and instructors to work together to achieve everyone’s goals.

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